Capture your loved ones' stories digitally

Do you want to capture your family stories but don’t know where to start? Pass It Down put’s a personal biographer in your pocket and makes it easy to capture your family memories in full multi-media.


The perfect gift to capture family memories

Interactive greeting cards that make capturing family memories easy and fun for the whole family.

Capture your loved ones’ stories digitally

Pass It Down helps you capture your family’s most valuable possession, their memories. Don’t let your family stories slip away.

How It Works


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First, create your Pass It Down account. This account will allow you to record, save and share your family memories in video, audio, text and photos.


Choose a

We’ve worked with the best biographers in the world to come up with hundreds of questions to make interviewing your family members and capturing their stories simple and fun to do.


Capture a

Using the Pass It Down platform, record your family members talking about their lives in video, audio, text and photos. Their story will upload directly to our application where it is safely stored.

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greetingStory cards

The perfect gift to capture family memories
In an increasingly digital world, how nice is it today when you get a greeting card in the mail? greetingStory makes capturing your loved ones stories easy. Each card features a question, prompt, and instructions from our team of biographers to help your loved one tell their story.


We at Pass It Down believe that every person has a story to tell and a legacy worth preserving. We believe the greatest loss is a story that’s not told. Stories are our lifeline to previous and future generations. Don’t let the memories- the stories- pass you by.


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Register and create a legacy.

Turn your stories into a beautiful book.

Once you are finished capturing your memories, Pass It Down allows you to turn your stories into a beautiful hardcover book that can be shared with the entire family. Coming soon.

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Meet Chris Cummings who started Pass It Down to help families capture their stories after his mom, Barbara, was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 48.

How It Works

Watch our video and see why Pass It Down is getting rave reviews around the country.


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