What is Pass It Down?

Pass It Down is an award-winning, digital storytelling platform that makes it easy to capture and share stories in multi-media (audio, video, text and photos). Pass It Down licenses its state of-the-art storytelling platform to helphelps families capture their most meaningful moments – their memories. We believe storytelling should be easy and fun to do for people of all ages. With these goals in mind, we designed the Pass It Down platform.

Is Pass It Down secure?

Our utmost concern is preserving your memories, and that means we care about protecting them. Accounts on Pass It Down are password protected, have three different privacy settings, and the site is uses SSL security.

Why should I use Pass It Down?

Pass It Down is for people who want to capture meaningful moments. Never forget the smile on your child’s face when they learned to ride their bike. Hold on to that recording of your family singing Happy Birthday for grandma’s 90th birthday. Or capture the turning points in your life (like when you made the decision on who to marry, decided your major, or why you moved to your current town). These memories are beautiful and special, and you won’t want to lose them. Simply use your phone, tablet or computer with the Pass It Down mobile app or website and save those memories forever.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Simply click the “Log In” button in the top right corner of each page. Then click “New User.” Enter your first and last name, email address and password and click “Sign In.”

How do I start creating my stories?

Creating a story on Pass It Down is easy. Visit our your Story Creation page (hyperlinked) for step-by-step instructions!

How can I share my stories with friends who aren’t members of Pass It Down?

After creating a story on Pass It Down, you have the option to share your story through connected Social Media sites. Social Media sites supported are Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Can I download my stories? (this feature is still in progress)

Absolutely! Simply click the “Download” button at the bottom of your published story. The story will download as a PDF file to your computer. If your story includes audio or video files, those will download in

How can I access Pass It Down?

You can access Pass It Down through your web browser on your smartphone, laptop or tablet by typing in www.passitdown.com into your web browser.

Does Pass It Down support other languages than English?

Pass It Down is currently working on support for additional languages.

Can I save stories I’m working on as a draft before publishing them?

Yes. Your stories will automatically save as drafts while you are working on them. You can leave the story creation page and access your draft later. Simply click the “Drafts” page on the left panel, and choose the story draft you would like to work on.

What are the System Requirements to use Pass It Down?

You must have a computer with internet access to use the Pass It Down platform.

Still have questions or suggestions? We’re here to help.

Contact us at (423) 708-2792 or send an email to sayhi@passitdown.com.