Memory Boxes

Send your loved one 12, 24, 48 greetingStory cards in a lovely memory box to learn about their life.

Memory Box Includes 

12, 24, or 48 cards in each box

Cards ship within 7 days

Capture Your Family Memories With One Question Greeting Cards

Don’t Send a Card, Send a Memory

In an increasingly digital world, how nice is it today when you get a greeting card in the mail? greetingStory was created to help make family storytelling easy and fun for your aging relatives by using greeting cards as a medium to capture family stories everywhere.

Need all of your cards quickly?

Our greetingStory box set gets you all of your 12, 24, or 48 cards together.

Sometimes it’s nice to get it all at once.

Box sets are great for special occasions & gifts, or if you live close to your loved one, and you want to hand them yourself.

Benefits of greetingStory Cards

Why greetingStory:

Reminiscent Therapy & Memory Benefits

Our cards enable your loved ones to remember their past which helps improve well-being


Great way to involve loved ones' who don't want to use computers

Reduced Isolation & Loneliness

We help bring the whole family together through the mailbox.

Simple & Fun for the Whole Family

Capturing and preserving your family memories shouldn't feel like hard work.

Provides Belonging

It's always nice to receive a special gift in the mail!

Preserves Your Family Stories

Our cards capture your loved ones' unique handwriting and personality
Why Storytelling is Important:

Storytelling Brings Family Closer Together

Our cards spark fun conversations

Storytelling breathes life into your family tree

With handwritten memories and the option to add video, audio and photos on Pass It Down

Storytelling is Good For Our Health

Studies have proven that recording our family history helps improve mood disorders and reduces stress

Storytelling Increases Learning

We can learn and gain insights from the examples of others

“I’ve always felt there is something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the earth from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart.” Robert Michael Pyle

How it works

1. Choose a loved one

Pick a special person to send your greetingStory cards to. Pass It Down will send them a personalized card, from you, which features a question and instructions from our team of biographers to help them tell their story. No matter where you are in the world, connect with your loved one with greetingStory.

2. Check the Mailbox

Weekly, biweekly or monthly cards will arrive in an envelope addressed from you to your relative. Before each card is sent out, you will receive an e-mail with a card preview giving you the option to skip the question.

3. Write your story

Each card features tips and instructions on the inside to help make story telling easy and fun to do. Your loved one can then write their memory inside our premium paper cards. Each card features no-bleed paper to make sure their memories and their handwriting, last forever.

4. Digitize your memories

Use the QR code or URL link on the back and preserve your memory on Pass It Down for you, your family and future generation. There, you can add photos, video, and audio to enhance your story. Not only will you be able to read the story, but see it, hear it and feel it authentically.