Capture your family memories

one greeting card at a time
  • Each card features a question and tips from our team of biographers.
  • Write your story on the inside on our premium no-bleed paper.
  • Each subscription includes a lifetime membership to digitally share your stories on Pass It Down.
  • If you mail the cards back, we will digitize it for you.
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How It Works

1. Choose a loved one

Pick a special person to send your greetingStory cards to. Pass It Down will send them a personalized card, from you, which features a question and instructions from our team of biographers to help them tell their story. No matter where you are in the world, connect with your loved one with greetingStory.

2. Check the Mailbox

Weekly, biweekly or monthly cards will arrive in an envelope addressed from you to your relative. Before each card is sent out, you will receive an e-mail with a card preview giving you the option to skip the question.

3. Receive Great Questions

Each card features a question on the cover to help guide your loved one to share their stories. We worked with the world’s top biographers to come up with amazing questions to help capture your family memories.

4. Read the instructions & Tell Your Story

Each card features tips and instructions on the inside to help make story telling easy and fun to do. Your loved one can then write their memory inside our premium paper cards. Each card features no-bleed paper to make sure their memories and their handwriting, last forever.

5. Digitize Your Memories

Want us to digitize your memories for you? Send the cards back and we will digitize your family memories for you.



greetingStory makes capturing your loved one’s stories simple & hands-off. Simply choose your plan and provide your loved one’s address and we will handle the rest.  We will notify you by e-mail five days before a card is sent out.

Easy To Use

greetingStory cards are the best way to capture your family memories because they are so easy to use. Every card features a question with tips and instructions to help guide your loved to share their memories.


If you want to hire a personal biographer it can cost you and your family 1000’s of dollars. With greetingStory, we make capturing your family’s memories affordable for everyone and at a fraction of the cost.

Best Of Both Worlds

Every greetingStory subscription comes with a lifetime membership to the Pass It Down digital storytelling platform which gives you and your family the best of both worlds. Whether your loved one feels more comfortable handwriting their story, or sharing their experiences digitally, we have you covered.

Reduces Loneliness

One of the biggest issues facing the 65+ population is loneliness. greetingStory cards help you engage with your loved ones, and combat loneliness, by sending personalized cards from you, to your loved one, every month. Your loved one will know you care and want to know more about their life.

Less Intimidating Than A Book

Have you ever tried to capture your family memories in a book? The things weigh a ton and are burdensome and intimidating. We have found the best way to capture your family memories is to break it down one question at a time.

As Seen In

Want to share your memories digitally?

Pass it Down

Our award-winning digital storytelling platform makes capturing your family stories simple and easy to do. Through technology, we are changing how stories are told with platform that puts a personal biographer on your phone, tablet and computer…

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