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Do you have an aging relative with amazing stories you need to interview? Pass It Down put’s a personal biographer in your pocket and makes it easy to capture your family memories in full multi-media.

Pass It Down helps you capture your family’s most valuable possession, their memories. Don’t let your family stories slip away.

How It Works


Sign up

First, create your Pass It Down account. This account will allow you to record, save and share your family memories in video, audio, text and photos.


Choose a

We’ve worked with the best biographers in the world to come up with hundreds of questions to make interviewing your family members and capturing their stories simple and fun to do.


Capture a

Using the Pass It Down platform, record your family members talking about their lives in video, audio, text and photos. Their story will upload directly to our application where it is safely stored.

We at Pass It Down believe that every person has a story to tell and a legacy worth preserving. We believe the greatest loss is a story that’s not told. Stories are our lifeline to previous and future generations. Don’t let the memories- the stories- pass you by.

Pass them down

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Question Categories

Question Categories let you search for question prompts by specific categories. Ignite your storytelling by searching prompts in the category of your choosing.

Themed Stories

View stories with a specific theme for holidays and special moments throughout the year. Enjoy holiday stories to bring out your holiday spirit or tales of inspiration during historical events!

Latest Stories

View stories that have been posted recently. Never miss a new story with this convenient feature.

Popular Stories

View Pass It Down users’ favorite stories. See what the community is buzzing about!

Customizable Layout for story creation

Add text, photos, video and audio in any order and length to your unique story. This gives you the freedom to share your story exactly how you want to.

Accessible via desktop and mobile devices

Access the platform whether you’re at home or on the go. Conveniently preserve memories no matter where life takes you.

Staff Picks

View stories that impressed the Pass It Down team. Read the story to understand the impact it had on the story collectors.

Question Prompts

Choose from hundreds of question prompts specifically designed to spark storytelling! This minimizes the effect of ever-dreaded writer’s block.

Social Functions

Add Friends

Search for friends with accounts on Pass It Down and add them to your network. Learn some of your friends’ most memorable moments and share yours with them.

Comment on Stories

Type feedback and add to the memories through the comment feature on stories. Commenting on other users’ stories allows you to be a part of their experiences and is what makes storytellers on Pass It Down part of a community.

Connect with Social Media

Each story created on Pass It Down has the option to be shared through your connected social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Share your stories with friends that aren’t on Pass It Down yet.

Biography Page

Let other users know some information about yourself. This allows you to know a little bit about other Pass It Down users as well.


SSL Security Protection

Standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.

Password Protection

Protect your Pass It Down account with a password. This makes certain that no one can access your account or post stories on your behalf.

Amazon Web Services (“AWS”)

AWS’s data center and network architecture deploys the latest security features to meet the requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations. We ensure your memories are protected.

Privacy Settings

For each story you create on Pass It Down, you can select how private or public you want that story to be. Choose to keep your story private, share it with friends, or with everyone.

Register and create a legacy.

Turn your stories into a beautiful book.

Once you are finished capturing your memories, Pass It Down allows you to turn your stories into a beautiful hardcover book that can be shared with the entire family. Coming soon.

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